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Our Premier Membership Club Program is for those who wish to partake in receiving discounted prices on our products, access to our e-book with recipes, and e-newsletters for quarterly updates on our products!


This means that all Kitchen Alchemist products are sent to you every 4 weeks automatically. This is very convenient as our products should be taken consistently to receive the results. There is no action on your part. You will just need to do a onetime set up of your payment information (amex, mastercard, visa, debit) and viola! You are done!

Enroll Online as our Premier Member and save up to 10% off the retail price. Membership is free. The program is free and you can cancel anytime at no cost you. Get started now, CLICK HERE and enroll Online.

Our customer who wish to be on this will recieve their own login credentials to our kitchen alchemsit “Premier Membership Club” website. All you need to do is fill out your order informaton and there is no other action on our part. Please email us at info@kitchenalchemsit.ca for changes. Please note that any changes needs to happen 1 week prior to initial auyto order date. Failure to comply to this and the credit card on fill we be charged.