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Kitchen Alchemist

Kitchen Alchemist

A comprehensive and expanded discussion on fat loss & wellness...


3 Phase Practical & Sensible Fat loss Program

Menu allowance with approximate caloric value

5 Signs of a sensible fat loss plan/program

  • You lose the fat where you want to lost it.
  • In the Stabilization phase, more food is added to your menu allowance yet you may still lose inches (fat loss) and/or weight enabling you to continue enjoying your favorite food.
  • Your skin looks healthy and elastic, hair regrowth is experienced and you appear to be getting younger every day, especially when you eat 2 Probita collagen protein candies daily.
  • You feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. Many are taken off their maintenance medications for diabetes and hypertension by their doctors.
  • You are also NOT prone to common coughs and colds.

Want permanent fat loss? Your long term plan/program should look life this to ensure that you are converting the energy from fat while maintaining and building your muscles. One pound of muscle burns 10X more calories than 1 pound of fat.

Note: Negative emotions raises the Cortisol level, which also increases insulin and cholesterol levels.


Popular examples of low caloric diet weight loss programs

HCG diet, Jenny Craig portion controlled meals, Weight Watchers low calorie point system, Nutri-System meal replacement smoothies, Dr. Bernstein 800 caloric diet with injectable B complex and others such as week-long or month-long cleanse with juicing of vegetables and fruits.

Effects of a Caloric Restricted Diet Program

  1. Low caloric diets are typically between 500-1,000 calories per day. When your body gets used to this and you try to eat more, you will gain the weight back twice as fast. You will also experience weight loss plateaus. Even if you starve yourself, you won't loose weight. You have effectively slowed down your metabolism and your body is tenaciously holding onto the stored fat for survival.
  2. You frequently feel dizzy, experience headaches, and are weak and sickly. You are also prone to common cough and cold, and intestinal flu.
  3. You have brittle neails and thinning hair. Your face looks gaunt and skin is saggy
  4. The rest of your body might be thin except the tummy/stomach area.
  5. Most often, people losing a lot of weight drastically; many fall ill to a variety of auto-immune diseases.

----- Sample of a restrictive, low-caloric diet -----

Plant based diets, diets restricted to eating fruits and vegetables, diets predominantly rich in carbs, fat and micro-nutrients.

Vegetable and fruit smoothies, and meal replacements.

Note: Most illness & discomfort felt by the body are brought about by the excess fat the body is carrying.

The Basics

Having a calm positive mental and emotional attitude is very important. The flight and flee hormone cortisol, is best kept at low levels. Take 5 deep breaths before any meal and be in a state of appreciation before eating. Eating slowly and savoring the food.

Natural food is easily available. Just read the labels to make sure that the ingredients used are bio-identical with the cells in the body. Chemical preservatives and additives causes cell mutation. There are numerous studies linking these with cancer.

A daily menu allowance plus 2 Probita collagen protein candies will make your fat loss plan so much easier and effective. This will also ensure that your skin remains elastic and you maintain and continuously build lean muscles.

"The key to permanent fat loss and continuously losing 2-3 lbs. a week and/or 4 inches a month is by feeding your body the right amount of food relative to the body's size. Proportionally, much of the total daily caloric intake should be coming from low fat proteins."

by: Mrs. Z - The Kitchen Alchemist E-book "The Diary of a Weightloss Counselor Mom" available at Amazon for only US$5.99


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